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Miniature Horse "Another 4-H Club"

Thank you for taking the time to check out and reply to our poll...if you will copy and past this to an email and answer the questions then ....then send it to.... ..the kids cant wait to see just what every one thinks and prefers....also any picture you could donate to us to use for our summer projects would be appriciated too...please send to...Royal Miniature horses & tack po box 307 Avon Oh 44011...we also need a small note in the envelope stating we have permission to use these pictures in projects and to use in our workbooks that MAY BE seen by many and ALOT of the public...thanks again!!! T & Kids

you only need to copy and paste from here down

1. what registery do you prefer?
2. what size mares do you prefer?
3. what size driving horse do you prefer?
4. what is your prefered color in a mini?
5. are you a breeder?
6. what do you prefer solids, pintos, or appys?
7. what is your prefered month to breed mares in?
8. when breeding do you keep your mares and stud close in size, if not please specify.
9. how many shows do you attend a year?
10. what kind of feed (brand) do you feed your minis?
11. do you give your minis treats?
12. if so what kind?
13. do you do your own trimming on your minis feet?
14. do you do your own shots and worming?
15. what months do you worm your horses?
16. what month do you body clip you minis?
17. do you prefer to blanket your SHOW animals? why( please be brief)
18. how many minis do you have?
19. how many AMHR minis do you have?
20 how many AMHA minis do you have?
21. how many WCMHR minis do you have?
22. how many grade minis do you have?
23. how many double or multi reg. minis do you have?
24. what size stalls do you have for your minis?
25. are your brood mares out in pasture?
26. how many animals are in your show string?
27. how many stallions, mares, gelding do you have?
28. how do you advertize your minis that are forsale?
29. what is your buying point of a minis ( meaning what do you look at that makes you want that animal)
30. where is your location?
31. would you be interested in donating a mini to a local or non-local 4-H child for a longterm ownership and for the use of there project? remember these kids are our future, wouldnt you want to carry on YOUR name to?
32. please discribe and or send us YOUR ideal mini?
33. do you prefer leather or nylon for stable halters?
34. what type of show halter do you use? why?
35. if you could give a clinic or an essay on the mini horse what would you speak/write about most?

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